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EP Bonus Events!

EP Multiplier: Viewable in your Agent Profile -> Extensions -> EP Rewards Window!

EP Bonus Events!

One thing we heard a lot about was the need for more eventful things to occur on the server.  Something to draw people together to enjoy a shared experience.

Introducing EP Bonus Events!
These are Dev-initiated events that can add a fixed amount to everyone’s EP Multiplier as shown above.
If you have 25x during a +10 event, you get 35x!
If you have 1x during a +10 event, you get 11x!
This way the bonus allows both New and Old players alike to benefit equally!

Our first event starts at 10/26/2018 at 00:00UTC and will go until 10/29/2018 00:00UTC (96 hrs) for a +10 bonus!
We hope you find some time to enjoy the extra bonus.

And don’t worry there will be more to come… Stay Tuned!

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