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Call for Volunteers!

Hello OpenPerpetuummers.

We have Great News Everyone!  We are putting out an official call for volunteers from the community to step forward in whatever capacity one is either interested or well suited for.  To preface the survey, we think it best to introduce our team structure and talk about the areas of focus one can be a part of.  Some will overlap, or have shared needs, but we would like you to consider at least a primary area to focus on.  Naturally as different teams spin up and spin down on projects, others may need assistance.

The Server Team is the most essential but also the most difficult.  Server team members are responsible for the hard and soft infrastructure to support team members and players alike.  A lot of work is coming for this team dealing with integration, pipelines, backends, authentication, and other internal configuration to allow other teams to interface with the server.  Because of the sensitivity of this responsibility, volunteering for this team is less of an “open” call.  If you do happen to be a more rigorous programmer, DBA, and have good version control experience (and etiquette) this may be your team.

The Web Team is responsible for non-game infrastructure, forums, discord, media integration, and soon APIs to support internally, open-sourced, tools and apps for players.  Naturally things like the killboard are topping the list but other in-game statistics are now free to (safely) expose through a web API to let others plugin and play with real sandbox mmo data!  YUM!  Web programmers should be a natural fit here.

Our Community-Outreach Team has been hard at work setting up our web presence and maintaining our social media pages, discord, forums, etc.  We are finding that it is quite a task on its own, so if you find yourself to be a “people person” with a knack for writing, posting, and spreading the word, this might be a team that could use your help.  Note that we need strong writing skills but not just in English.  This game has its roots in Europe and has since cultivated a strong following in many countries and languages.  If you are such a person with bilingual capacities; we especially need you!  Such roles could include, in-game/forum/discord moderator, translator, social media manager, player-event organizer, and more!

The Content Team is already hard at work designing new islands, and thinking of possible implementation issues for new module types, and bot roles.  Even without the server, schematic design is already underway for very exciting new content.  There is an immense amount of modeling that will occur to make this happen.  If you either have design experience, 3d modeling experience, or are just well suited to navigate a GUI software to create and edit spaces, this is your team!

The Economy Team has formed to allow members to focus on all things Industry and Market.  This is an important component of the Perpetuum sandbox we all know is imperative to maintain, to further reinforce this, dedicating people and attention to this subject is necessary.  Team members here are spending a lot of time in spreadsheets looking at how costs of different ore types, or different yield amounts affect production levels and economy health, and more!  If you find yourself doing this very thing as a player, you might consider lending your skills to this team!

The Balance Team has been the most overworked team to date.  Even without the server, identifying the problems (the solutions) and creating spreadsheets to hash out effects of changes is already an enormous task given the scope of what is at stake.  It is a challenging problem, that requires creativity and systems-thinking skills to understand how it all works.  Yet even the most rigorous theory-crafting won’t account for the reality “on the ground”.  Testing will be the final determinate of what is or is not balanced.  We all know what happens when you balance from a distance, we want our balancing team to be hands on with their changes and not take it for granted.  For this team you could either be an experienced PVP or PVE player, perpetuum or similar game experiences would be preferred.  Do you have what it takes Agent?!


If you are interested in volunteering, now is your chance!

Fill out the survey and make yourself known!
We look forward to reading your responses and contacting you soon.


So at this point you might be thinking to yourself: “Hey, can I just play?”

Of course!  We do not expect everyone and their mother to be a volunteer, nor should they.  We are making this so that more people can have more fun.  But, we recognize their is willing and able talent in our community that is more than eager to help.  To that, we are grateful!


You might also be saying to yourself: “Hey, I want to help, but I can’t for [time/skill/effort] limitations…”

SULK NO LONGER BRAVE HERO!  For there is a way that any and everyone can show their support for this ambitious endeavor:  Support us on Patreon!  And ensure a lasting and bright future for you and your children to enjoy a Perpetuum that shall exist in perpetuity.

  • Kevin Althouse (Gotharic aka SunnyJester)

    I would love to help with PVE content, industry and market development. I also have good knowledge of Gamma islands and bases. I have also been the CEO of NSE on the official server for 4 years.

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